Our passion is Foreign Exchange in capital letters, using Technical Analysis and computed trading systems.

We chase, track the odds, listen to them, in order to capture/extract potential moves on more than 32 currency pairs.

We developed our own tracking systems - thus, what you see on our blog is just one of many technical index indicators, our proprietary BearBull index (Daily Snapshot) being just the vitrine of F.A.M.C. Ltd.

As traders and future asset managers - we are in the process to open our own Private Forex Fund via capital venture investors - we believe very much in our BearBull index, the one we are posting everyday. We truly believe this index will help us building above average performance, one of the many homemade indexes we will be using for our private Forex fund, which we will start soon. Still, this BearBull index is not the holy grail, and we want to emphasize again that there are no holy grail system out there!

We would like to conclude our very short presentation with the following comments: to succeed trading the markets you need (1) passion, (2) discipline, (3) accept losses, they are part of the game plan and (4) a proven and tested method. Before trading in Foreign Exchange - or any other markets - we can only recommend to challenge yourself very hard, which means long and "painful" homework. That is the only holy grail we have discovered as traders last 25 years.

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